Tech Expo 2015 Call for Proposals Now Open

This is the announcement you’ve been waiting for!

As IT people, we connect staff to information and to each other, empower them to work to their potential, and inspire them to achieve more than they ever have before. And Tech Expo is the place where we connect with other IT people, empower ourselves to improve our service offerings, and inspire each other to reach new heights.

If you’re ready to connect, empower and inspire your IT colleagues, then participate actively in Tech Expo 2015 by presenting, leading a panel discussion or conversation, conducting a learning lab or displaying an information table.

Start by pulling together:

  • The title of the proposed session
  • The proposal type, from these choices:
    • Formal presentation
      (one or two presenters speaking on a topic, followed by questions and comments from the audience)
    • Panel discussion
      (a moderator and panel members discussing a topic, followed by questions and comments from the audience)
    • Birds of a Feather session
      (a moderated small group discussion on a topic of interest)
    • Poster or information table
      (an academic-style poster on display throughout the conference, with times designated for presenters to be able to answer questions)
    • Laboratory session
      (Participants use their own laptops in guided instruction)
  • A preliminary abstract (100-250 words) of the session (If your proposal is accepted, you’ll have the opportunity to revise the abstract before the program is published.)

When you’ve got all of this collected, complete the Tech Expo 2015 Call for Proposals form to submit your proposal.

Don’t procrastinate: All proposals are due by Tuesday, Feb. 24.

Oh, and after you get that done, kick back, relax, check out this site for updates, and follow us on Twitter. #DukeTechExpo