Register by March 31 for Tech Expo 2015

OK, we told you before that a previous announcement was the one you’d been waiting for. We were wrong. We jumped the gun. Clearly, this is the announcement you’ve been waiting for.

Registration for Tech Expo 2015 is now open!

As IT people, we connect staff to information and to each other, empower them to work to their potential, and inspire them to achieve more than they ever have before. And Tech Expo is the place where we connect with other IT people, empower ourselves to improve our service offerings, and inspire each other to reach new heights.

If you’re ready to connect, empower and inspire your IT colleagues, head over to the Tech Expo 2015 abstracts listing, where we describe 26 stimulating presentations, panel discussions and labs. (There will also be Birds of a Feather discussion groups, and posters, and vendor booths, and vendor talks, and a keynote, etc.—lots to do—but we want you to focus on these 26 for now.)

Pick the five you think you’ll be most interested in seeing, and then hop over to the registration form on Qualtrics. You’ll be asked for your top five presentations during the registration process, so that we have a good feel for what size room each session will need.

If you want lunch at the conference—You do like to eat, don’t you?—be sure to register by March 31.

If you’ve got something Tech Expo-ish on your mind, leave a comment here tweet about it: #DukeTechExpo

3 thoughts on “Register by March 31 for Tech Expo 2015

  1. This entire website is less than user friendly. Difficult to find where to register. Abstract listings are poorly formated and cannot quickly scan to determine if it would be interesting. I actually had a hard time finding 5 presentations that I think would be interesting. Now, I can’t find the information to tell me what time the expo starts and ends so I can put it on my calendar appropriately.

    1. Diana, we apologize for your frustration. However, your feedback will be helpful for future TechExpos. Thank you!

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