Take a selfie! Earn fame and fortune!

Photo credit: http://www.theguardian.com/film/2014/mar/03/ellen-degeneres-selfie-retweet-obama


Ellen DeGeneres took one silly selfie, and it made her a household name. (OK, so she was backstage at the Oscars. What’s your point?)

We want to see Duke IT people, all smiling and celebratory, in selfies that we’re putting into a video for Tech Expo. Grab your team, stick your phone on the end of that selfie stick your mom got you for your birthday last year (yes, it’s on the floor in your closet, under that exercise gear your kids got you—hint, hint—and you used once since then), snap that photo and send it to techexpopix@duke.edu by Wednesday, April 15. Do this before you send your tax returns in!