Call for Proposals

The 2018 call for proposals window is closed. Thank you for your contributions.


We need your heroic, informative, and possibly spooky stories about how to “Conquer your Fears” in technology for TechExpo2018. The event will be held on Friday the 13th, April 2018, so let the horrors and triumph’s flow free.

We are counting on you, Duke’s IT professionals, to raise the bar at this year’s conference. Give us your best proposals.

Please submit abstracts (100-150 words) for a presentation, talk, lab, or poster presentation. You may do so at by January 26th.

TechExpo is an annual day-long event that brings Duke’s Information Technology professionals together to share ideas and experiences, learn from each other and celebrate accomplishments. This is a great opportunity to network and create new connections for future collaboration.

Every unit, department, school and entity collaborates internally and externally to blast through tough and sometimes scary challenges. With that spirit in mind, we ask you to collaborate with your peers from all over Duke as you present your innovative accomplishments, skills, and strategies to share with the rest of Duke’s technology community.

For additional information or questions, please send an email to: