2022 Committee Information

Committee Information

Serving on the TechExpo committee is an exciting opportunity. The committee is made of Duke University, Duke Health, and Medical Education IT technology employees. The one shared requirement for all committee members is to have the willingness to do whatever it takes for a successful TechExpo. The different positions are:


The Chairs are responsible for the overall planning, implementation, and cost control for the yearly Duke TechExpo. Please welcome our 2022 Chairs:

Portrait of Quincy Garbutt
Quincy Garbutt, Duke University
Portrait of Sharon Kaiser
Sharon Kaiser, Medical Education IT

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The A/V Committee addresses all needs related to audio and visual recording, signage, and presentation. In 2021, TechExpo moved from being an on-site to remote event, and the responsibilities for A/V shifted due to this. For 2022 and beyond, the A/V committee may be involved in one or both types of events. For in-person events, the A/V committee has had to coordinate event and parking electronic signage, meet on location to review A/V setup requirements, and support presenter’s A/V needs during the event. For remote events, the A/V committee determined the web conferencing software to be used, create the ‘Run of Show’ plan, and met with presenters and moderators for a walk thru before event day. They also maintained video quality and managed recordings. Please welcome our 2022 Audio/Visual Committee:

Portrait of Teresa Jennings
Teresa Jennings, Duke University
Portrait of Jack D'Ardenne
Jack D’Ardenne, Duke Health

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The Communications Committee provides the Duke University and Duke Health community with helpful and timely information related to TechExpo. This includes updating Twitter, the TechExpo website, and sending announcements using existing Duke communication means. The Communications committee is also responsible for creating theme visual elements that is unique every year. Post event, the Communications committee will also gather event feedback from attendees, because we are always looking to make next year’s event even better. Please welcome our 2022 Communications Committee:

Portrait of Peggy Walters
Peggy Walters, Duke Heath
Portrait of Ryn Nasser
Ryn Nasser, Duke University

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The Registration Committee is responsible for configuring the registration management system. This includes configuring the event website to show program information, attendance logistics, and participation guidance. This committee also handles attendee identification for on-site participation – e.g. on-site badge printing. Please welcome our 2022 Registration Committee:

Debrah Suggs, Duke University
Portrait of Carol Reaves
Carol Reaves, Duke Health

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The Logistics Committee is responsible for coordinating event branding with vendors, prize wheel, raffle, and feedback form gifts. Please welcome our 2022 Logistics Committee:

Portrait of Dave Tremmel
Dave Tremmel, Duke University

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The Program Committee solicits for and reviews submitted session requests. The Program Committee participant will need to have a broad perspective on needs within the IT community at Duke, and will be decisive and diplomatic in reviewing proposals. They create the event program and maintain communication with presenters. When it’s time to select presentations, the Program Committee invites additional IT staff to create a larger review panel to finalize decisions. Please welcome our 2022 Program Committee:

Portrait of Matt Royal
Matt Royal, Duke University
Portrait of Bill Hansley
Bill Hansley, Duke Health

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The Vendor Committee identifies potential vendors, procures billing, and keeps vendors informed. We have 150+ vendors who have previously expressed interest in participating. Vendors help to pay for the event, so this is a critical role. The Vendor Committee will also coordinate the possibility of a vendor presentation. Please welcome our 2022 Vendor Committee:

Portrait of Sabrina Carr
Sabrina Carr, Duke University

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The Volunteer Committee has to determine all volunteer positions needed, coordinate a volunteer sign-up process, provide volunteers with instructions and how-to guides for the event, and setup a communication strategy for volunteers on the day of the event. For the in-person event, there can be 65+ volunteer positions. An additional responsibility could be setting up a volunteer room with all needed materials. In 2021, for the remote event, we had 19 volunteers because we had fewer presentations. An additional responsibility that year was to provide virtual training for the volunteers. For 2022 and beyond, the Volunteer Committee may be involved in one or both types of events. Please welcome our 2022 Volunteer Committee:

Benjamin Scoggin, Duke Health
Portrait of Vanessa Weber
Vanessa Weber, Medical Education IT

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