Automated Awesomeness with Stevedore

PRESENTERS: Liz Wendland, Chris Collins


FORMAT: Presentation (topical discussion followed by questions)


Tired of waiting hours, even days for a new WordPress VM? Is setting up Shibboleth
for your site making your eyes cross? Confused about how to request Certificates and put them in place? OIT’s latest self-service tool, Stevedore can help. Stevedore provides a self-service way for users to request fully personalized WordPress and Drupal sites. Using Docker, it creates very low-cost sites within minutes and requires no intervention from a system administrator. The sites it builds have registered, personalized URLs with signed SSL certificates. Shibboleth is set up and available, and the user is added as the admin. During this demonstration we will show how, by automating this process, OIT can provide an extremely low-cost, on-demand service while also ensuring sites are properly patched and secure.