Gaming in Education

PRESENTERS: Frederick Melges (Rick)

DEPARTMENTS: Duke University School Of Medicine, Med Ed IT

FORMAT: Poster or Information Table


As teaching styles change over the years so does the audience and ways that they learn. Gaming has become part of these recent generations, and interactivity is the way of the future. Gaming brings a more exploratory style of learning. It can be used in private sessions or in mass instruction. Students can choose to use the mediums in a way as they choose, and explore as far as the game lets them. Videos and slides are teaching tools of the past, interactive games are the way of the future. Instead of seeing a picture of topic, students will be able to dive into the picture and explore the topic in a virtual world. For instance, I have created a virtual world of normal skin. Instead of looking at a model of skin and learning from the outside of a plastic model, my simulation will allow the learner to see the complexity and inner workings of your skin and how incredible it is. They will be able to fly around the nerves, capillaries, glands and hair follicle and much more. I use the game development system called Unity3D. I create models in a modeling program, and then provide a way to explore the models in Unity3D interactively. This also requires programming in C#. I will show how simple it is to develop material that can be updated and developed over the years to make the program (Or Game) more and more effective. All it takes is your imagination and time to develop it.