Getting More out of Google Analytics

PRESENTERS: Jillian Warren, Julie Grundy
DEPARTMENT: Duke Web Services, OIT
FORMAT: Presentation (topical discussion followed by questions)


Go beyond the basic reports to get the most out of your Google Analytics! This
session digs into lesser-known, easy-to-use features and customizations that will elevate your metrics knowledge and bring value to your organization. Whether you’re supporting a site or embarking on a redesign, analytics data helps you make smart choices on everything from browser and device considerations to site performance, so you know where to focus your development efforts to maximize results. From custom dashboards to filters, site search to segments, we’ll walk through a dozen ways you can tweak your account today to use analytics to your advantage. These tips will provide advanced insight into your website’s audience and its behavior, giving you the tools to make informed decisions about your web strategy and technical needs. This session is aimed at users who have a basic level of familiarity with Google Analytics. We will take you beyond the main Audience, Acquisition, and Content screens, so you can take your reporting to the next level.