Modeling the Archives: How the Digital Projects team at Duke University Libraries puts digitized collections online

PRESENTERS: Will Sexton, Sean Aery
DEPARTMENTS: Digital Projects and Production Services at Duke University Libraries
FORMAT: Presentation (topical discussion followed by questions)


DUL’s digital collections program draws from the library’s rich and valuable holdings
to preserve and make them available online. The materials include a wide variety of formats from a range of historical periods, including photographs, medieval manuscripts, diaries, films, newspapers and audio recordings. A team of developers has created a platform for publishing these facsimiles of archival materials that incorporates several open-source and Duke-licensed tools . Members of the team will discuss the challenges they face in modeling and representation, and in presenting collections so that they are both usable and faithful to their original forms. Topics will include digital formats, modeling, embedding, resource description and discovery. To view the result of their work, see http:library.duke.edudigitalcollections.