Rebranding IT Services at Duke—The web site

PRESENTERS: Edward Gomes
DEPARTMENTS: Trinity Technology Services
FORMAT: Presentation (topical discussion followed by questions)


At Duke University, many users (faculty, staff, students) have a difficult time quickly
locating information that relates to their specific IT needs. Currently there are a number of IT-related websites designed to provide information to assist these users, each normally maintained by IT service providers in schools or units. While these sites provide information that is specific to the services provided by that unit, these sites may or may not reference support provided by other service providers. A proposal was developed to create a more services oriented IT resource portal that could provide technology information organized in a variety of categories and for a variety of audiences. The concept was discussed with members in the IT community as well users dependent on IT services. Based on the positive feedback for this concept, the website was created. We’ll detail how the site was developed, review some of the current and future features of the site, and discuss how it will be maintained to reflect the needs of the Duke Community.