Support@Duke: A Better UX in 15 Minutes or Less

PRESENTERS: Sherry Sullivan
FORMAT: Lab (Bring your own laptop with someone to lead on topic or instruction)


The DHTS Web Services’ Support@Duke (ServiceNow) team will connect, empower and inspire participants by providing a lab session aimed at improving the user experience (UX) of the ServiceNow platform and compliment the ITSM team’s information table. We’ll connect with our audience by providing a face-to-face learning lab as well as additional support materials. This lab will empower our users to maximize the features within ServiceNow. Our lab will be informal, so users can ask questions and interact with some of the core ServiceNow team members. The focus will not be specific to any one application, though users will be encouraged to ask application-specific questions to enhance their knowledge around the tools they use most often. The lab will be recorded and archived in the ServiceNow knowledgebase, along with quick views of the how-to sessions.