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In April 2007, members of the OIT/Arts & Sciences Technology Services Council suggested creating an event to bring IT professionals from Duke University and Health System together to share ideas and experiences, learn from each other and celebrate accomplishments. The idea was approved, funds were allocated, and the project that would become the first Tech Expo shot forward at light speed.

Recent Tech Expos have seen audiences approaching 500, with some 30 presentations, workshops and informational display, and nearly 30 vendors showing their products and services. The full-day event, funded by the university and health system IT departments, is free to participants. The venue since the second year has been conference facilities in the beautiful Washington Duke Inn, with free parking and only a short walk from the C3 campus bus stop at Towerview Road and Science Drive or the PR1 stop at Frank Bassett Drive and Science Drive.

The 2014 Tech Expo, to be held on Jan. 9 at the Washington Duke Inn, will focus on collaboration. Diverse teams of IT staff at Duke come together frequently to solve problems and innovate solutions, the ultimate expression of our commitment to diversity and teamwork. This year’s event gives us the opportunity to celebrate past instances of collaboration and to inspire new ones. Presentations will center on how we’re working across boundaries to build a better, stronger, more secure IT environment now, and how we might do even more in the future.

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