Presenter’s Resources

This Year’s Theme: 2020 Vision

See clearly with 20/20 vision


As information technologists, Duke has tasked you with clearly SEEing, understanding, and addressing the problems and potential solutions before Duke University and Health System. We are just giving you a forum to share your perSPECtives with each other.


PowerPoint Templates for your presentation

At previous TechExpos, our presenters/speakers might elect to incorporate the year’s theme into their own presentation. We encourage you to do something similar. We have created TechExpo 2020 PowerPoint templates that are based off the official Duke Communicator’s Toolkit PowerPoint templates. We hope you will find these useful.

TE 2020 Light Theme thumbnail
Dark text on light background
TE 2020 Dark themed template thumbnail
Light text on dark background

Presenter/Speaker Information

We encourage our speakers to toot their own horn!

When you register with us, we will present you with the opportunity to provide the following information:

  • Portrait — a minimum 500-pixel square cropped jpg or png file
  • Biography — a 500-word max biography
  • Your preferred Full Name
  • Your Duke University or Health System Department Name