15 Minutes Could Save You 15 Hours or More a Year Using ServiceNow

PRESENTERS: Stephanie Sutherland, Leah Ghedir, Maureen Fehrs, Will Johnson Jr., Judy Whitesell, Nathan Bost

DEPARTMENTS: Duke Health Technology Solutions (DHTS) IT Service Management

FORMAT: Poster or Information Table


Abstract: The Duke Health Technology Solutions IT Service Management Team will share ServiceNow tips and tricks aimed at improving the day-to-day user experience of the ServiceNow platform. We’ll connect with our walk up audience by giving quick, direct, and easy 2 or 3 minutes tips, as well as provide additional support materials. We’ll demonstrate 5 tips at the top of the hour, 5 others at a quarter after, and another 5 at the bottom of the hour, and then repeat! Users can come back at a different time of the hour to get a different set of tips! These tips will empower our users to be more efficient in their day-to-day work and management within ServiceNow.

  • Reports and Basics
  • Basic filtering
  • Adding columns and managing data
  • Managing your profile and email notifications
  • Tagged Documents
  • Easy access to records
  • Improving organization of records
  • Bookmarks
  • Customizing navigation
  • Reducing clicks
  • Creating a Homepage
  • Real time data management
  • Tracking your work