Software Defined Networking at Duke

PRESENTERS: Mark McCahill, Victor Orlikowski, Jimmy Dorff, Charley Kneifel, Daniel Frederick
FORMAT: Presentation (topical discussion followed by questions)


Duke OIT has begun deploying Software Defined Network (SDN) infrastructure for
on-demand configuration of bypass networks both on campus and between higher education institutions over Internet2. These SDN connections can provide very-high-speed paths for moving large volumes of data, and can be configured by on-the-fly Switchboard—a web application developed at Duke. Switchboard enables real-time, self-service provisioning of high-speed network links by authorized users; this simplifies setting up both long term networks and

one-time connections for data migrations. We will discuss how SDN works and OIT’s strategy for rolling out SDN services, we’ll demonstrate Switchboard, and we’ll cover applications of this technology for backup services, potential Library use cases, and research computing uses, both on campus and between institutions, over Internet2’s AL2S service.