Using Box for Research Collaboration

PRESENTERS: Deborah Suggs, Craig Barber
DEPARTMENTS: OIT Collaborative Services and Duke Medicine Information Security Office
FORMAT: Presentation (topical discussion followed by questions)


This session for intermediate level users of Box will explore the best practices for
using Box with medical and scientific research. The combination of the technical and procedural aspects of handling sensitive data can be confusing. The policies may change based on the nature of the data. Users must also follow procedures when inviting collaborators. The Box service can meet those requirements. Users can store sensitive content, share that content with third-party organizations, and manage documents using built-in tools for tracking changes. This session will be structured around a practical scenario: a Duke department and a pharmaceutical company are researching a new medication. How can these two partner safely and successfully while meeting guidelines for protecting patients and research? The session will cover how to use Box for storing the test participants’ results and financial compensation, as well as how to share the results with the third party company.